Our Promise

NoMonkeyBiz services promises 100% satisfaction for everything that we do. If you’re not satisfied with the results, then we’re not satisfied with the results either. We clean from a happy place and we won’t stop working until you’re smiling along with us for a job well done.

Seriously Clean

Our name is derived from the fact that we take building maintenance extremely seriously, and our company philosophy, Seriously Clean, reflects our passionate outlook and superior workmanship.

Environmentally Friendly

NoMonkeyBiz is environmentally friendly. Our preference for 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions means that your family or employees are removed from harmful chemicals, and the area in question is treated with the detail it deserves.

Work Safety Guarantee

NoMonkeyBiz recognizes that sometimes the best cleaning can involve risky conditions and hazardous materials, and that’s why we’re so proud to have a safety history as spotless as our cleaning. In other words, when we take safety to new heights, we supply it with a harness!

On the ground or in the air, our teams operate with multiple well-defined safety mandates and a strict compliance with WorkSafe BC OHS protocols. By developing the very best habits for safety, NoMonkeyBiz has enabled total confidence amongst team members, which ultimately translates to great cleaning all around.

Our crews are fully knowledgeable about all aspect of their work, and if you ever have a question about anything, just ask. We believe that part of good safety is making you the customer feel safe, and are more than happy to ensure this is the case.